No content marketing strategy is complete without E-mail

There are many essential things to consider for a productive email marketing campaign , The Focused content aspect as follows :


Eight key points for Successful Email marketing :-

  • Before you can create the right content, you need to develop a marketing strategy that addresses your goals and objectives.


  • Ensure that you have an option to unsubscribe.



  • Don’t forget to get clear consent from prospective customers before collecting their personal data.


  • People respond to best messages written by one individual at a company who they can get to know over time. It is a part of building relationships with customer/prospects.



  • Write your mails, so they can appeal to customer interests and hobbies. Ask customer what they want to hear about : Special offers, new services etc.


  • Avoid using ‘Free’ in your subject Line since it has been abused by spam marketers and arouses suspicion.



  • When gathering details of customer/prospects, request only for the information you really need. Asking necessary questions annoys people and may lead them out from signing up.


  • Be sure of having a sales end-goal in mind.