How to Increase the Quality Score of Your Keywords

Keyword Quality Score has a major impact on the success and the price of your pay per click (PPC) campaigns. A good keyword Quality Scores lead to paying less for more ad exposure and higher conversion rates.

The two best practices will raise your Quality Scorefrom your entire AdWords campaign down to a single keyworF:

  • Practice ongoing keyword group: Organization of your keyword database is crucial for successful PPC and will increase your chances of achieving high keyword Quality Scores.
  • Write relevant and efective ad text: An effective ads mean better click-through rates, which raise your keyword Quality score and save you money.

What Does Keyword Quality Score?

Keyword Quality Score – AdWords calculates a Quality Score for each of your keywords whenthey match a user’s search query. Your keyword’s Quality Score may vary based onsearch query, location and search network. if your keyword performs better on certain searches, areas than others, or on search network sites than others, its Quality Score will be higher. The higher your keyword Quality Score, the better your ad positioningand the lower your costs.

Few factors to keep in mind when writing ads to ensure high click-through rate and Quality Score. Your ad text should be:

  • Relevantto your product.
  • Relevantto the keyword
  • Relevantto your landing page.